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Fine Art Landscape Photography 
by Wayne Heim

Welcome to K4 Studios, the home of Wayne Heim's fine art photography and artwork. Wayne is both a professional fine art photographer and an accomplished medical illustrator. Follow the links and explore his unique photography and illustrations.

Photos are links to two folders. "Portfolio & Themes" contains Wayne's selection of his favorite photographs and "Photo Shoots & Events" which provides a greater view of  different  excursions.

"Photo Shoots and Themes is where I show a more complete "story" of site/event visits. This is the starting point for my "Portfolio Collection". It is my online sandbox where I play and get ideas for final photographic creations and custom prints."

Be sure to check out our specials page for great opportunities on in-stock images.

Art Show Images

Thank you to all the wonderful people who come out to see the shows and purchase art.  As always, the  booth features a large selection of aluminum metal photographic prints and state-of-the-art face mounted acrylic prints.

Call 1-440-729-9274 for pricing and to order images printed on aluminum/metal or for the most dynamic, high-resolution printing available, place an order for an acrylic face mounted photographic art print. Both aluminum and acrylic prints come ready to hang - no additional framing required.

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