Face Mounted Acrylic Printing

If you are looking for one of the most dynamic ways to showcase and display photography, Acrylic Face Mounted prints will leave you speechless. They are not quite like anything else you've ever seen. Images appear crisp, vibrant and have a 3D appearance to them. People often think they are back lit. The brighter the light in the location chosen to display the work the more vibrant the image is. The acrylic catches the light and allows it to refract inside of the 1/4" covering yielding amazingly vivid results.

Acrylic prints or face mounted acrylic prints are a relatively new, state of the art printing and presentation technique. Our images are first printed traditionally on photographic paper and then affixed to Dibond backing material. Dibond is a polyethylene core sandwiched between two pieces of thin aluminum. This provides more rigidity for the print and a clean finished white back to the work. Though more expensive then other materials, we believe it Is the only real choice for fine art prints being mounted to Acrylic.

Not all acrylic printing is the same. Some acrylic prints are done directly to the back of a piece of acrylic. This is cheaper but the process has limitations in color accuracy and vibrancy of the images and limits additional effects of printing on specialized papers. 

All our Acrylic Prints are printed on fine art Metalic Perl paper which yields an even more vibrant image with a unique sheen or shimmer to it. The 1/4" acrylic is mounted to the print with a "gapless" no air seal making the image look as if it is imbedded in glass. This entire process is a very tedious and labor intensive task. One spec of dust and the piece is ruined.

Once printed and mounted to the acrylic, the images are finished off with a 1" float mount hanging system. This allows images to appear to float off the wall; creating a nice modern "window" type presentation.

Please call 440-729-9274 to place an order for acrylic face mounted prints. These prints are currently not available for purchase through the site.

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