Comfort  - Black & White Photography by Wayne Heim

Wayne works full time raising his 4 kids with his wonderful wife. In his free time he works as a certified medical illustrator at Heim Medical Art doing high-end 3D and traditional medical illustration for magazines, publishers, advertising agencies, and product manufacturers around the world. In the fleeting moments left, he tries to squeeze in work/play as a photographer.

Wayne shoots Pentax and select Olympus cameras for his work. Yes Pentax. Current work is being captured with the Pentax K1, the Pentax 645z medium format camera and the Olympus OMD EM-1 Mark II. For those who've read the reviews and wondered if the 645z is all they say... yes it is! For sports, action or mega zoom, the Olympus that can shoot up to 60fps and the micro 4/3 format allows for easy, light weight, hand-held shooting with a 800mm lens!

"As an illustrator, your job is to tell a story.... much the same as it is in photography. Medical Illustrations require the processing, editing and simplification of mounds of technical information into a dynamic image that conveys a topic or idea at a glance. Good photography should also convey a feeling or emotion at a glance. It is much more than just pushing a button.  One can "take" a snapshot but a good photographer "creates" a picture."

Much like the masters did with enlargers, chemicals, bleach, dodging and burning and use of colored jells and filters, the ART of "creating" a photograph today utilizes a host of digital tools, techniques and artistic creativity to bring to life a captivating, unique image.  Good images transcend the raw image and draw the viewer in and allow the viewer to experience the emotion, drama or feeling intended to be expressed by the artist.  Through the use of cameras, computers and creative use of printing, mounting, and framing materials, in the end, good photography should be a window into the feelings being shared by the artist, not just a snapshot of a moment in time.

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Father and Second Daughter  Photography by Wayne Heim
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