Comfort  - Black & White Photography by Wayne Heim

Welcome to K4 Studios photography, the home of Wayne Heim's fine art photography and artwork. Wayne is both an accomplished medical illustrator and professional photographer. Wayne works as a certified medical illustrator doing high-end 3D and traditional illustrations for magazines, publishers, advertising agencies, and product manufacturers around the world.

When not behind the desk, Wayne loves exploring the wonders of nature and telling stories by capturing fine art photos to sharing them with the world.

"Much like the masters did with enlargers, chemicals, bleach, dodging and burning and use of colored jells and filters, the ART of "creating" a photograph today utilizes a host of digital tools, techniques and artistic creativity to bring to life a captivating, unique image. Good images transcend the raw image and draw the viewer in and allow the viewer to experience the emotion, drama or feeling expressed by the artist. Through the use of their camera, computer and creative use of printing, mounting, and framing materials, in the end, good photography should be an expression of the artist, not just a snapshot of a moment in time."

As a landscape and portrait photographer, Wayne shoots a variety of cameras for his work. Different cameras for different jobs.

For large format landscape work, he currently shoots the Fujifilm GFX 100s. When needing to travel a bit lighter, the Panasonic Lumix S1r often gets called to duty. A full frame camera with great motion tracking, the S1R is his go-to camera for action. Rounding out his current equipment is the new Olympus OMD-1. Fully weather sealed to take on the harshest of conditions, this lightweight powerhouse will see use in some harsh environments and for extreme telephoto use. Yes, three systems. Three distinct usages. I'm lucky and privileged to be able to explore the outdoors using these wonderful tools.

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Father and Second Daughter  Photography by Wayne Heim
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